Monday, February 02, 2009

25 Random Things to Share

1)I hate socks.
2)I always wanted to be a war nurse.
3)When I was 5 I poured a chicken noodle soup over my daddy's head. (of course I earned a spanking).
4)Food consistency and texture do matter to me. I can't eat oysters or any other slimy salty food.
5)Once I was suspected of committing a juvenile crime.
6)I do love "The sound of music" but I hate to admit it.
7)I draw comic strips since I was 10 most of them about teachers, school pals and personal situations. Some times it cause me troubles, but when I was in high school the teacher staff ask me to illustrate a teachers manual.
8)Once when I was in school, (nun's school for girls) I earned a trip to the principal's office, because my draws were interpratated as heretical. Nonsense of course.
9)I learned how to ride a bike when I was 23.
10)I turn off my cell when I am discussing personal drama or criticizing people.
11)I don't believe in hell. I believe paradise is a state of mind.
12)I earned the Cum Laude but because diferences with the faculty dean I wasn't mentioned in the ceremony. I never fought for that, I never considered important. I know. That's all it matters.
13)I decided to study architecture on the very minute I was signing up. It was my worst selection, but my best choice.
14)I've never seen snow.
15)The first book I've read was Little Women when I was 7 and staying home in bed with mumps during vacations.
16)Although I am chocoholic I prefer vanilla ice cream.
17)I have hyper extension of my elbows and knees. That means that my movement goes beyond the normal, healthy boundaries of the joint. Doctors don't know if it was a birth defect or it was because of the excersise.
18)Once I get out of a building wearing lambs and clouds pijamas, high heels and an evening handbag, when I heard the security alarm. It was a false fire alarm and I was the only person in night gown in the street.
19)I attract obsessed people.
20)I want to save the world and make the difference.
21)I remember random things about people, but I always forget birthdays, dates, names.
22)I practiced Tae Kwan Do.
23)I hate to leave voice messages.
24)I'm good at reading people. I am very intuitive, but very rational, and I fail following my heart.
25)I love spiders. Because of the precise perfection of their bodies, I avoid killing them.

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